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Understanding the

Initiation of the "I"

An Inner Work Path course at Emerson College, Forest Row, UK

17 - 19 September 2019

About the course

How can I awaken the inner forces to meet what life is asking of me?

How can inner development affect world development? 

Many of the challenges we experience as humanity today give rise to reflection about what it means to be truly and fully human. If we engage with this question we very soon realise that to be fully human requires the recognition of the spiritual part of ourselves, our 'I'. During Understanding the Initiation of the 'I' you will learn about how the 'I' begins its initiation through developing the soul's capacities. You will have the chance to deepen your understanding of what takes place on the inner development path and you will learn about how inner development can have a transforming effect on the outer world, in which we all participate.

The course will offer active engagement in meditation exercises as well as inner schooling experiences, both of which lead towards transformation of the soul’s capacities into organs of spiritual perception and a living relationship with the spiritual world. Spiritual science allows us to evaluate our inner development and this is necessary to determine the steps we need to take.

Where am I un-free and where do I need liberation?

What is the next step I am being called to take in my life?

This three-day course, which will mostly be based on active experiencing, is for all those who realise that in order to be able to do what you have to do in the world, you need to inwardly prepare yourself and develop yourself. It can be strengthening to come together with others around our questions and challenges on the inner work path. Through sharing with each other we can find support for our individual journey and work in the world. Various meditations and inner development exercises have a definite purpose to strengthen certain capacities and grow certain faculties. You will learn to understand both where you are on the path of inner development and what the exercises work upon, so that you may be able to choose the meditations you need to take your next step and be your own guide on your journey. Course leaders Lisa Romero and Séamus Maynard are highly experienced in working with diverse groups of people and encourage you to bring your own questions to the course. They will shape the content and exercises around the questions, interests and needs of the participants, thus allowing the course to truly support each individual participant. 

 About the oourse leaders

Lisa Romero

Lisa Romero is an author of inner development books, a complementary health practitioner and an adult educator who has been offering healthcare and education enriched with anthroposophy since 1993. From 2006 the primary focus of her work has been on teaching inner development and anthroposophical meditation. Through the Inner Work Path Lisa offers lectures, courses and retreats for personal and professional development, in communities and schools worldwide. 

Séamus Maynard 

Séamus completed his degree in acting at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. Prior to that he trained intensively in the Michael Chekhov Technique for several years and attended the Artemis School of Speech and Drama in West Sussex England. He has taught acting, speech and movement in diverse and international contexts. Séamus is a co-founding member of Third Wheel Collective - a collaboration based theater company and of Quiet In The Head, a music group that composes original, instrumental music for violin and classical guitar. He also writes and performs with an acoustic, folk group called Living Roots.

For Understanding the Initiation of the I, Séamus will bring artistic dramatic pieces to allow another way of experiencing the content. 

Understanding the initiation of the 'I'  

is a three day course with Lisa Romero and Séamus Maynard that will take place at Emerson College in Forest Row, UK. 


Tuesday 17th until Thursday 19th September 2019



9am - 5:30pm


Foundation Room, Emerson College

Booking your place on the course and booking accommodation and meals are two different things. To book your place on the course, fill out the booking form here below, to book your accommodation and meals, visit:

Book your place on the course

Course fee

The course fee depends on your own financial situation and ability. The cost per participant will be around £160. However, we want the course to be accessible to all and therefore offer a sliding scale from £100 to £220. We invite you to choose an amount on this scale that you will pay as your fee. This fee will go towards the costs involved in running the course. Please note that it does NOT include your own accommodation and meals, those need to be booked separately through the Emerson College website:

If you cancel your participation less than 3 days before the start of the course a refund of your fee will not be possible. 

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